In-person hearings

This practice notice relates to in-person hearings held by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal in its hearing rooms at 333 Laurier Avenue West, 18th floor, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0G7.

To ensure the effective conduct of the hearing, counsel and parties are asked to adopt the following measures when attending an in-person hearing:

  • No food or beverages (except water) are permitted in the hearing rooms.

  • All cell phones or communication devices must be turned off (including all notifications and vibrations) while the hearing is in session.

  • Video and audio recordings are not permitted.

  • When the Tribunal moves to an in camera session, no bags or coats can be left in the hearing room from those who have not been granted access to the in camera session of the hearing.
  • During an in camera session, counsel are requested to use the phone next to the elevators and identify themselves to the Registrar in order to re-enter the room.
  • Counsel and parties are asked to gather and remove all of their belongings at the end of the hearing.

The following list of procedures are to be followed during the hearing:

  • Witnesses will testify under oath or affirmation and will be asked to adopt the contents of their witness statements when sworn in.
  • Counsel is asked to review the most recent version of the hearing schedule, as provided to them by the Registrar, and to ensure that they and their witnesses are apprised of start times.
  • The Tribunal will sit from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a break for lunch and two short health breaks during the day. The presiding member will advise of any changes.
  • Copies of all public exhibits of both the Tribunal and interested parties can be made available to members of the public who make arrangements with the Registrar.
  • Please remember that the filing of documents at the hearing is not permitted save in exceptional circumstances, and only with leave of the Tribunal.