List of Tribunal decisions not yet published

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    To comply with the Official Languages Act, we must ensure that decisions on our website are published in both official languages simultaneously. As such, we can only publish a decision once the translation is finalized. 

    Below is a list of Tribunal decisions that have been issued but not yet published. Requests for a copy of any of these decisions may be sent by email to

    Anti-dumping injury inquiries

    Case number Subject goods  Document type and language
    PI-2021-006 Drill Pipe Statement of reasons (English)
    MP-2021-001 Oil Country Tubular Goods Statement of reasons (English)
    RR-2021-001 Flat Hot-rolled Carbon and Alloy Steel Sheet and Strip Statement of reasons (English)
    RR-2021-002 Welded Large Diameter Carbon and Alloy Steel Line Pipe Statement of reasons (English)


    Customs and excise appeals

    Case number Appellant  Document type and language
    AP-2010-026 Protect Me — Alert Series Decision and reasons (English)
    AP-2019-018 Rainbow Net and Rigging Limited Decision and reasons (English)
    AP-2019-033 GBG Spyder Canada Holdings ULC Decision and reasons (English)
    AP-2020-028 G-III Apparel Canada ULC Decision and reasons (English)
    AP-2021-008 Charoen Pokphand Foods Canada Inc. Decision and reasons (English)
    EA-2019-008/010 Hyundai Canada Inc. Decision and reasons (English)
    EA-2019-009 Hyundai Heavy Industries Decision and reasons (English)


    Procurement inquiries

    Case number Appellant  Document type and language
    PR-2020-065 Joe Parsons Construction Ltd. Order and reasons (English)
    PR-2021-058 Gregory Kerr Limited Statement of reasons (English)
    PR-2021-079 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Statement of reasons (English)
    PR-2021-081 Properate Statement of reasons (English)
    PR-2021-082 S.i. Systems Determination and Reasons (English)
    PR-2022-009 Paladin Technologies Determination and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-010 Krav Maga Ottawa Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-012 Everyday Canadian Moving Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-014 Joint venture Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-017 Derek Penney Electrical Ltd. Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-021 Telecore Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-022 SoftSim Technologies Inc. Decision and reasons (English)
    PR-2022-023 Higher Standard Sales Decision and reasons (English)