Glossary Procurement inquiries

Procurement inquiries


A complaint filed with the Tribunal by a potential supplier concerning any aspect of the procurement process that relates to a designated contract and requesting that the Tribunal conduct an inquiry into the complaint.


Any person, other than a director, servant or employee of a party to proceedings, who acts in the proceedings on behalf of the party.

Designated contract

A contract for the supply of goods or services that has been or is proposed to be awarded by a government institution and that is designated or of a class of contracts designated, by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Procurement Inquiry Regulations.

Express option

An option that allows for complaint proceedings to be, at the request of the parties, completed within 45 days instead of the usual 90 days. 

Government institution

Any department or ministry of state of the Government of Canada, or any other body or office, that is designated by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Procurement Inquiry Regulations.

Government Institution Report

A report filed by a government institution with the Tribunal within 25 days of receiving notification that a complaint has been accepted for inquiry by the Tribunal. It includes a statement that fully responds to all the issues forming the basis of the complaint.

Hearing by way of written submissions

A hearing held by the exchange of documents, commonly known as a “file” hearing.

Interested party

A potential supplier or any person who has a material and direct interest in any matter that is the subject of a complaint.


An interested party that has been granted leave of the Tribunal to intervene in any proceedings in relation to a complaint.


A complainant, a government institution or an intervener.

Potential supplier

A bidder or prospective bidder on a designated contract.


A complaint filed before the Tribunal by a potential supplier.

Reply submission

A reply through which the complainant and any interveners provide the Tribunal with their comments within seven days of being sent the Government Institution Report. The complainant may instead request that the Tribunal make its determination based on information already on file.


In respect of a document, information or a notification, to transmit by hand, registered mail or electronic transmission.

Working day

A day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday. For additional information, see the practice notice on holidays for the purpose of Tribunal proceedings.