File a procurement complaint

If you want to file a complaint, you must act quickly: timelines are short.

Before filing a complaint with the Tribunal

If you want, you can try to settle your objection directly with the government institution that is awarding the contract. If you choose this option, contact the person responsible for the procurement within the time limits mentioned below, and they’ll tell you how to proceed.

Time limits

You have 10 working days after the day you become aware, or should have become aware, of the grounds (the reasons) for your complaint, to file: 

  • an objection with the government institution that is awarding the contract; or
  • a complaint with the Tribunal.

If you can’t settle your objection with the government institution, you can still bring it to the Tribunal within 10 working days of being informed that the institution hasn’t addressed your objection to your liking. 

Under exceptional circumstances, a complaint may be filed within 30 calendar days.

Complaint form

To file a complaint, complete a procurement complaint form.

It is very important that you provide all the information in the procurement complaint form. If your complaint is incomplete, it may not be considered. Contact us at or 613-993-3595 if you have questions.

Overview of the procurement complaint process

  1. You’re informed by the government institution that you’re not the successful bidder. 
  2. From then, you have 10 working days to file a complaint with the Tribunal. It’s essential that you include all relevant information to avoid delays.
  3. The Tribunal reviews your complaint to determine whether it can be accepted for inquiry. You’ll be notified within about one week if it is or told why if it’s not. 
  4. If your complaint proceeds to the inquiry stage, about one month later you’ll receive a copy of the Government Institution Report, which is the government institution’s response to your complaint.
  5. You have 7 working days to provide comments on the report.
  6. In most cases, within 90 calendar days from its receipt, the Tribunal determines whether your complaint is valid, valid in part or not valid.
  7. If you disagree with the Tribunal’s findings, you can ask the Federal Court of Appeal to review the matter.